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Apple iPhone 7 Plus: How Smart from others!

Despite the relatively high price, as is to be expected from Apple devices, the iPhone 7 Plus has managed to astound smartphone lovers and the general market as soon as it was launched a few weeks ago. With excellent specs, this smartphone is definitely one of the best on the market right now.

Apple chose to stick to the iPhone 6S design, but improved the iPhone 7 Plus by rerouting the antenna lines and giving it a more integrated camera bulge. There are several colors to choose from, and what has had many buyers opt for it – the water resistant casing which is obviously a huge plus!

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Apart from its iterative design and stylish look, the iPhone 7 Plus is an absolute winner when it comes to its excellent specs. With the ultra-fast A10 Fusion processor, the 5.5 inch screen, a dual camera with 12MP sensors that can offer a 2x optical zoom, and the fact that it comes running the iOS 10, there is no denying that the iPhone 7 Plus is simply awesome. Considering all this, the iPhone 7 Plus is the most powerful, stylish and technically remarkable iPhone ever launched, and quite simply, the best among the rest of the smartphones currently on the market!

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