Apple's MacBook Pro 2016 - Overview

The technology giant Apple introduced a technology, which is probably still will not be in anyone's mind. You have been introduced with Touch-screen laptops but Apple MacBook Pro introduced it in new avatar. There are so many things new, but the distinguishing characteristic is that this time the company completely changed the keyboard, i.e above the keyboard is a Retina display in which function keys are given in the display.
 After many years the company has brought major shift in the MacBook Pro. This time the company has introduced above the keyboard a Touchbar on which the Mac functions keys are given where multi touch screens make the difference between tap and gestures.

Apple also mentioned some examples, through Adobe Photoshop when you click on the Photo, editing tools will appear on the display of the keyboard wherein cropping, video and photo editing options available. Through this screen, you can use it by swiping. Across the touch you can customize as per your choice. Here you can also add more functions.
New Touch ID:
On this touchbar for security company has given new MacBook Touch ID for which company placed Apple T1 Chip. To open this you must need to scan fingerprint on this touchbar.
Its design is completely new and has been  covered around with aluminum and metal. So far, the MacBook Pro is thinner and lighter. This Macbook has two variants – 13 inch and 15 inch. Both the variants available in silver and space gray color. The 13-inch MacBook is 14.9mm thin. It is 17 % thinner than the previous MacBook Pro and 23 percent lighter than the previous in terms of weight.
The trackpad below the keypad is quite big and is more than 2X in size than the previous. In the keyboard, the Butterfly 2nd generation mechanism is used.
MacBook Pro Hardware:
The Intel Core i5 and i7 processors have been installed inside in this new laptop. For getting rid of the problem of heat it will be cooled by thermal architecture. The processing of this new laptop is 130 percent faster than previous models.
2TB SSD storage and 16GB RAM:
It has 2 TB of SSD, which is already 50 per cent faster. In the 15-inch model 16GB RAM has been given. It comes with the ATI Readon Pro graphics card can be up to 4GB. In 13-inch model, the RAM has been given 8 GB only.
Battery life:
The company claims that MacBook Pro has up to 10 hours of battery backup.
MacBook Pro 2016's starting price is $ 1,499 (about 1 million) . Touchbar 13-inch MacBook Pro's price is $ 1,799.  The 15-inch variant priced is $ 2,399.