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Download Google Duo – Video calling App.

Google’s Duo, is a standalone video calling app that looks set to take on Skype and FaceTime. We say video calling app because that’s exactly there is no message function its only purpose is for video chat.This app will work only on Android and iOS mobile. 

Duo app not available on window mobile.The users also required their mobile number to sign into Google’es Duo App. Google Duo only have single interface feature of video calling. The users can get a live video preview of the incoming call, even on a locked screen of the mobile. Google’s Duo make voice calling as simple as and has a seamless transition from Cellular to WiFi.

Google’s Duo have efficiency to work on all networks. Duo is smart enough to adapt to these conditions. Google’s Duo is simple enough and will let users just type for a contact with whom they wish to do a video call. No need to add the contact in the list first. A user needs only their mobile to log in and no need of google account to sign in Google’s Duo App
Google’s Duo is not a data hog. The default settings of  Duo limit data usage. Duo is end-to-end encrypted. Google Duo is now available in the UK Google Play store and in the UK Apple App store and is free.

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