Galaxy Note 7 sales and production off forever

The company has taken the big decision to stopped the production and Sale of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 for forever as the burning cases continue.  In August, the company has recalled 25 million Galaxy Note 7 from around the world,. The company has asked all its partners not to sell it. This is because the burning of the smartphone continues. 

The company's recall page officially stated that, "The Galaxy Note 7 users either take the smartphone replace with another device or to withdraw your money. Samsung said in a blog post that along with the regulatory body the companinvestigating the problems being faced in the recent Galaxy Note 7.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission also in favour of to ban the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. A study conducted last month found that 34 per cent do not want to take the second device of Samsung now.

However, Samsung tries to fix it to bring back the 2.5 million handsets announced. But now, after a report of a fire in the replacement position is worse and now do not see anything that made people's trust in the company.