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Know about Google’s New OS Andromeda

Andromeda, the name will soon on the tongue of people around the world. That’s because Google bringing New Operating System Andromeda after mixing Google Android and Chrome OS. The  operating system of Chromebook is Google Chrome while for mobile the operating system is Android. According to reports, the company bringing the same operating system for laptops, tablets and Android.

The Microsoft has created Window 10 for computers, Smartphones and tablets. Now Google will bring similar for the benefits to both users and the company. On 4thOctober, 2016 the company already launched two new Smartphone Google Pixel and Pixel XL. According to sources, the company may launch next year a new Pixel 3 laptop which will be equipped with Andromeda operating system.

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According to reports the company developing new laptop under the  code name “Bison” along with testing of hybrid operating system Andromeda is also going on. It will be 10mm thin and has a display of 12.3 inches and will be used like Tab. This new System also equipped with Intel processors, backlit keyboard and Force detection glass track pad.

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