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Google’s Smart Watch Vs Apple’s Watch

Choosing between Android Wear and Apple’s smartwatch is not easy. For starters, the variety offered by Android Wear is much more diversified than what one can get from Apple’s smart watch. Google provides more compatibility of course, as Android Wear can be paired with both Android as well as iPhone. On the other hand the Apple Watch can only be paired with iPhones.

The Apple watch has a professional design and looks quite luxurious when compared to Google’s smart watch. However the Google’s smart watch offers more variety when it comes to the face as there are the rectangular and the circular options. So when it comes to customization and overall appearance, Google smart watches do better.

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The Apple watch interface is clean and uncluttered, which is something that appeals to many. On the other hand Google offers more customization options. When it comes to battery life the Apple smartwatch outranks Google.

Many users buy a smartwatch so as to keep track of their health and fitness exercises. This is in fact possible on both of these smartwatches. Google Fit comes as a standard with Android Wear. However all in all the Apple smartwatch seems to have better features in this regard.App development is going on well for both options, although Apple’s platform seems to give developers better options. Till now it seems that Android Wear cannot boast of any high profile partners as much as Apple Watch.

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Having said that, the price tag of the Apple Watch is considerably higher than what is being charged for Android Wear.

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