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HTC 10: Specs and Features

HTC have been introducing various phones over the years, and every time they have managed to keep their prices quite reasonable when compared to other brands. The HTC 10 is considered to be one of the good smartphones you can buy this year.

It has a fantastic version of Android, really fast charging, and very good audio quality. When it comes to the battery life, this is one of the best phones you can buy. The HTC has a 5.2inch quad-HD display, 4G RAM, 32/45BG internal storage and Snapdragon 820. It has a 12 Ultra Pixel camera and a 5 Ultra pixel selfie camera which is considered to be the best selfie camera on the market. It is a fast smartphone that has done quite well since it has been launched.

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The price is not that high when considering its features, however some consider its design as being a bit chunky and somewhat uninspired. Having said that there seem to be many happy users of the HTC 10, and it is considered as a sturdy phone that offers good features while being fast and quite impressive in various regards. It is certainly a good option for those who want a smartphone that does not disappoint, and one which can be bought at an average price.

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