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iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Vs Pixel and Pixel XL

Google’s two precious stone, Pixel and Pixel XL Smartphone’s are launched. Artificial Intelligence, build quality, design, features, camera and software, both in terms of Smartphone’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus somewhere overshadowed seem.

We will tell you which of these two Smartphone’s, iPhone 7 are not in that aspect even if their direct competition from Google’s Smartphone Pixel, Pixel XL and will this time Google has spared no effort to improve these.

The first iPhone was considered the best cameras in the camera market, but not anymore. Google Pixel camera of the Galaxy S7 Edge ago and now it has proved that the iPhone’s camera is also the best cameras in the market.

With the launch of this Smartphone, Google has announced that it is by far the best Smartphone camera. He shot and run through some testing to try to prove that the camera is better than iPhone 7.

Pixel 5 inch to 5.5-inch screen, while Pixel XL is given. Boji smartphone is made of aluminum and the three special Klrs- Beau Really, Very Quiet and Silver Wlack will Uplbdh. The glass has a dual tone it creates.

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Google Assistant 
The most striking feature of these two smartphones running on Google Assistant Artificial Intelligence is given. iPhone’s Siri, but not before he sustains Assistant Google. With this Smartphone can work in almost all small to large. Send a message to the meeting has to fix Ordering food or get to know about the traffic it will tell you everything. The first smartphones which have been Assistant Inbuilt Google.

Day-Dream Virtual Reality 
Both smartphones are supported by Google’s virtual reality platform daydream. The company has launched a special virtual reality headset, which put it on YouTube, HBO and Netflix can watch videos of the Virtual Reality.

Pixel Launcher 
It’s not like the old Nexus Smartphone. Once you unlock it, which the company will look for a new home screen launcher named Pixel. Nexus and other smart phones like Android is not the app dryers. Swipe up from the app where it will appear. Date, Time and Weather G logo at the top right of the screen will be visible from the tap. G is not the Google search box to tap.

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Unlimited backup for HD videos and photos 
iPhone 7 or other Smartphone like it you will not be short of storage. These Smartphone’s with Google’s free cloud service as the company has subscribed to the High Definition 4K can store videos and photos.

Voice chat support 24X7 
Many people will like this feature Pixel Smartphone’s. Go to settings and there is no problem with customer support directly from Google Voice chat session can begin. From here, you can share your screen with Google’s support engineer so that he will work to resolve your problem. This kind of service you might not see with other Smartphone’s.

Smart Storage 
Two memory variants 32GB and 128GB with pixels Smartphone’s will be available. But these are not micro SD support. If the storage in case they ran out photos and videos from Smartphone’s clicker itself will pass over the space. Do not fear the videos and photos to be deleted because they will already have been stored on the Google cloud.

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Google Quick switch adapter
It seemed like Google was geared entirely towards that iPhone users will now Pixel. Therefore, the company has introduced the Quick Switch USB Type-C adapter. Pixel in your old Smartphone users through its contacts, messages, photos and other contents can be easily transferred.

Pixel camera
Google has finally launched an app out of the traditional camera app which can use the best photography. Pixel has a 12 megapixel camera has features such as white balance control ,Smart burst mode, the camera best shot camera makes use of artificial intelligence.

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