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Top 07 Affiliate Earning Networks

Affiliate earning is often described as passive income. In fact it is actually one of the best forms of passive income you can try out. The main idea is to promote products or services being offered by others, and in return for that marketing, you will basically earn a commission. Many sellers look for people who can offer this kind of service in order to benefit from more sales. Affiliate earning thus is based on revenue sharing.

Many people embark on affiliate marketing by creating and running a blog. This is an effective way to reach out to many people, while sharing reviews about the said products or services. In turn, you can make a good income from it as the more people learn about this, the more they may be willing to make a purchase. And, you will basically be earning a part of that revenue. The key is ultimately to build enough traffic so as to make a decent income out of it. This may take some time as well as effort, especially at first. But once you get started, you can then keep making a passive income out of it, and this is actually one of the best ways to earn money online from home!

  1. Clickbank: Clickbank has over 6 million unique products in order to reach over 200 million customers around the world. ClickBank sells digital products worldwide created by entrepreneurs. ClickBank delivers digital lifestyle products to customers in 190 countries.
  2.     Peerfly: PeerFly was launched in January, 2009. Currently, Peerfly has 75000+ active users over 165 countries around the world. It provides free affiliate training and tools. Peerfly has over 2000+ clients, 20000+ Offers and 3000 active offers. Peerfly also provide top opportunity to win affiliate contests and Rewards. Peerfly has flexible payment system.
  3.  Maxbounty: MaxBounty is only one true affiliate network built specifically with affiliates in mind. Over a decade of improvements have led to robust tracking, rapid payments and cost savings to affiliates in the form of higher rates and frequent promotions. The diversity of campaigns available to affiliates on MaxBounty is one of its strengths. You can choose CPA, CPL, Mobile, or Pay Per Call, from in wide ranging verticals such as market research, diet, dating, finance, real estate, social games, and more. MaxBounty is the only network to offer new affiliates a $1,000 performance-based bonus. Simply earn a minimum of $1,000 per month in your first three months on this network, and you’ll receive a bonus of $1,000 automatically on your fourth. Maxbounty  has weekly payment system. You can get paid on time, every time, via Check, PayPal, Payoneer, eCheck, ACH, Wire, or Bitcoin.
  4.   CJ Affiliate by Conversant: Formerly, known as Commission Junction. CJ Affiliate delivers reliable conversion pixel tracking and affiliate commission payments so their publishers get paid what they earn – on time, every time. CJ supports direct bank deposit, check, or payment through their partnership with Payoneer, depending on where you. CJ enable a variety of effective linking options to drive higher sales conversions and provide easy-to-use reporting tools to monitor transactions in real-time and optimize for even better results. CJ commitment to affiliate services and history of developing successful, innovative publishers is unparalleled. CJ dedicate a team of experts to the development of programs, materials and technologies that support the success and growth of the affiliates. It provides publishers a platform to join the best affiliate programs in the world. It upholds the highest network quality standards, allowing both advertisers and publishers to make good affiliate income.
  5. Amazon Associates: It’s free and easy to join. Choose from over a million of products to advertise to your customers whether you have a large network, content site, social media influencer or blogger. Get up to 12% in advertising fees. Earn advertising fees from all Qualifying Purchases, not just the products you advertised.
  6. Sharesale: ShareASale has been in business for 16 years, exclusively as an Affiliate Marketing Network. It provides customers with an advanced Affiliate Marketing platform. Sharesale strive to deliver the best product in the industry, and support it with superior customer service provided by people that will follow up, call back, and provide real solutions.
  7.   eBay: The world’s largest shopping mall on the Internet. eBay is an online marketplace, where individuals and businesses come together to buy and sell almost anything.

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