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Secret Method How to Make Money with Clickbank Affiliate

This is a step by step guide so you can apply this method easily. This pretty simple method works. Please take action and let’s make money.

Open up your browser no matter which are you using and type the website know as I am using this website personally so I highly recommend it to use because it’s easy to use and pays high commission even less sales make you a lot of money.
Choose the product starting gravity from 40(recommended). Go to the website of product you are choosing please analyze it first always choose the website having attractive or good sales page.

Have commission starting from $20(do not leave the product if having higher commissions these products does sell more).
come back to Clickbank marketplace after examining the product sales page you going to promote, on the right side of the product there is promote button click on that button and the window will pop up then click the create button you will get your affiliate link or promotion link.

If you are reading and following it you are going to make money for sure, let’s continue to make money basically I am going to discuss two methods here which you can use.

  1. Make a free blog on blogger write a review about the product you promotion and put your affiliate link in that use this method only if you trying to make money and also want to build list and customers for long term
  2. You can also create free website using free services like or weebly.
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Here is the direct method which I am using now days and still getting the results basically I am using the both methods but if you want to test it first go for direct method.

  1. Get the promotional link or affiliate link of the product you want to promote.
  2. You need traffic to make sales and this traffic should be targeted

There are different sources for getting targeted traffic the main source is PPC traffic which do converts well but there is one problem it is very expensive and you have a good sense of bidding otherwise you will lose why I know this? Because I lost my money in that I struggled the same way you struggling right now but no results right? Or very low results but if you following what I am telling you it’s going to be change from today and so on you have to follow this if you want “change” this.
Let’s start step by step now and if you follow this you will make money 100 percent but you have to take action because reading this does not going to change any of your problems.

  1. Get the product link or affiliate link if you using the blog or website promote get that website I should mention the products from niche arts and entertainment, money making and health related converts very well into sales.
  2. Ok I tried different traffic sources PPC, Solo Ads but they were very expensive I am going to give you people the underground secret website which is I am using personally for making money.

The source is Traffmagic never heard of that? Yes same here till the start of this year the launched newly but they controlled by big advertisers you can say big fishes of online advertising, so what’s in that why I am telling you this? The thing is that nothing for me and also nothing for them because they already providing the targeted traffic to the entire biggest earner around here online making 5 to 6 figures per month basically this is for you so you can earn money too? Why they are not popular then? Because if they will become popular there prices never going to be same like they offering right now so let’s talk about their features and prices briefly why is this important because I am going to discuss with you people how much you can make and what strategy you should use to make money by using this ultimate traffic source.

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Some features:-

  1. Their traffic sources are PPC networks including Google, Yahoo and Bing.They have more than 18000 expired domains and websites on every niche
  2. They do not use pop ups and pop under but advertise your website or link directly with PPC networks and their advertising partners.

Their prices are low because what they offering is real deal one thing I should I mention here if you not want believe if this real or not it’s up to you but I am so seriously telling that if you follow this your situation and wealth will going to change for sure:

  1. 2500 targeted visitors for $15 Including Niche, Country and interest target.
  2. 5000 targeted visitors for $25 Including Niche, Country and interest target.
  3. 10,000 targeted visitors for $50 Including Niche, Country and interest target.
  4. 25,000 targeted visitors for $100 Including Niche, Country and interest target.
  5. 50,000 targeted visitors for $150 Including Niche, Country and interest target.
  6. 100,000 targeted visitors for $220 Including Niche, Country and interest target.
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These are the packages  so let’s come to main topic the final step by step thing you have to follow to make money:-

  1. After getting your affiliate, blog or website link.
  2. Go to choose the package according to your budget but I will suggest you to start with 10,000 visitors but it’s up to you.
  3. After clicking on buy now it will take to you to checkout page enter description there like this website: your website /affiliate link Niche: according to yours product country: always target united states, Australia or united kingdom and Canada you can target one country with one campaign time frame: 1 to 60 days but I will recommend you to set up 5 to 7 days for getting good results.
  4. Ok your campaign has been set up after following these steps now you ready to count your profit.
  5. Always count how much you invested and what are you getting in return so if you invested $50 and your product price was $20 and 20 people converted its average I am telling you made $400 minus the $50 and you got the $350 pure profit.
  6. Repeat the same steps and method again and again for making money.


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