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Apple iPhone 8 Leaked Reports

Apple will launch new iPhone this year and as usual this time even before its launch its design is leaking. For the last few months, its pictures were leaking but this time there are pictures that can be seen by seeing that it may prove to be true.

New pictures have come out through the famous Twitter account OnLeaks to leak Apple products from the industry. However this time Apple may also launch the special edition of iPhone 8 at its 10th birthday. According to the reports, it will be made special and the dual camera setup will be done in the rear. There was also a dual camera in the iPhone 7 Plus. But this time these cameras can be vertical. The same is seen in the design render.

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Apart from this, the iPhone 8 can be free of charge, i.e. there will be no border around the screen. This is being called a factory cad image. If you look at this design render, you will find that there is no physical home button in it too. This means that the concept of the Home button can also be eliminated this time.

The question is whether the Touch ID will be removed and replaced. The answer is in the latest reports. According to this, instead of the Touch ID of the Home button, the next iPhone will get biometric recognition feature. This means that before you used to unlock your phone on the Touch ID via fingerprint, the iPhone will be unlocked by scanning your face in the coming time.

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It can give company name to the function area. It has been explained in the report that front-facing camera has laser sensor and infrared sensor installed, which can be used for facial gesture recognition.

In addition to face recognition, it is also reported that there will be an Iris scanner too. That is, the iPhone 8 will have two identification systems. However, such reports have been coming before the iPhone 7. But this time these reports can also be believed, because Apple has applied for some new functions of the Home button in a patent.


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