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Dieting tips for Women during summer season

Women either are homemakers or workmanship, it is very important to maintain hydration for both during the heat. To maintain hydration that means need to drink plenty of water. Add cold foods such as barley, black gram, rice etc. to your diet. They contain nutrients too. Need to avoid hot foods such as carnivorous food, eggs, garam masala, fried puddings and so on. Eat non-veg only a few times a week. Some of your efforts in the hot summer will be able to keep you cool.

  • In the morning can take chilled or cold milk in breakfast. Cardamom powder can be added to the milk for taste. Empty stomachs can also consume seasonal fruits. After two hours eat a bowl porridge or a plate poha.
  • If you eat wheat flour in the lunch, then mix some gram flour in it too. It is not only cold, but also rich in nutrients. Not only this, gram also reduces weight and sugar level.
  • Women going to the office must keep lemonade, coconut water etc. with them. Take them at two-two hour intervals.
  • Earlier in the summer season, Gulabaras sorbet, cooling, etc. were taken. Even today, their importance has not diminished. These can be used by preparing them in the home or using such products available in the market. Avoid having an empty stomach.
  • Women who travel more often in order to go to the office, they must keep a packet of peanuts etc., because there may be problem of Lou or dehydration if there is an empty stomach. Be sure to have a bottle of water. Protect eyes from heat with power sunglasses. Cover the head in the sun and walk.
  • Eat seasonal fruits such as watermelon melon etc., once a day. Add cucumbers, onions etc. to the food so that necessary nutrients can be met. The amount of sugar in natural fruits is also very low. Eating fruits at night does not harm, but there is no benefit either. So eat it only in the day.
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