Sex related problems and solutions

It is common for women and men to have sex related problems in today's busy life. You can get rid of minor sex problems by taking care of some small things. But if the problem has increased, it is important to immediately consult a doctor. The main reason of increasing sex problem is lack of awareness among the people.

So let's know about some Common Problems
v So let's know. Many men are also troubled about the size of their penis and also become feels inferiority complexes. These are some of the Common Sex Problems. While the truth is that the size of your penis is big or small you can fully satisfy your partner. So now you do not have to worry about the size of the penis.
v The most complaints among women are the lack of sexual desire. Many times before menopause or after the menopause this problem has to be faced. The best treatment for this problem is that you have to become romantic.
v Many women have unbearable pain during sexual intercourse when sex is in the vagina. Due to drought, swelling or infections in the vagina, this problem may occur. For this you can use a good lubricant if not more comfortable then you should seek doctor's should seek advice.
v There is also a common problem among women in the absence of peeping or full satisfaction during intercourse. To get complete satisfaction, you have to be ready to be mentally happy-happy sex. Before making a relationship, the man should stimulate the woman and then make the relation.
v Women have more blood during menstrual cycle, unbearable pain, even after menopause. Having a bleeding can be the symptoms of cancer in the uterus. By removal of uterus through operation it can be fixed.
v The tumor is also a disease of women. This disease is dangerous it create the problem of infertility among the women.
v Vaginal white, sticky thick liquid is called white dander or leucorrhoea. This disease should also be treated in a timely manner.
v Men's sex does not get stimulating, or the excitement is coming to an end soon, or when stimulation comes, semen ejaculation becomes a common problem for men. It can be improved by good food and other ways.
v It is also a problem to get out of the semen when the man comes in front of a woman; the most important reason for this problem is lack of self confidence and being extremely sexual.
v The decrease of sperm in men's sperm is called spermatozoa (oligospermia).
v Some men do not have sperm in semen, it is called azupermia. When this problem occurs. Men are not able to produce offspring.
v As the age progresses in men, the hormone called testosterone decreases and it causes the lack of sex desire among the men.
v An infection in the vagina is also a common problem for women. This can be due to the following: Do not check the partner's penis cleaning before making a connection, not properly cleaning the vagina, Having constipation and infections in partner's sexual activity.

v Many times the girls ignore the pain in the breasts but check the breasts and keep doing so that you do not have breast cancer.