Stop Unwanted Pregnancy With Papaya Seeds

Papaya is a fruit that contains many types of vitamins. It is not only a fruit, but in many cases it also works for as a medicine. By eating Papaya many stomach related diseases can be avoided.

But very few people will be aware that Papaya is a Natural Birth Control Controller. Without consulting a doctor, you can stop unnecessary pregnancy with the help of papaya seeds. That is why pregnant women are prevented from eating papaya. But if the pregnancy is to be avoided then the papaya seeds prove to be effective.

For this, wash the papaya seeds dry and grind them and make powder. In those days when the possibility of pregnancy is occurring, take two spoons of papaya seeds powder regularly with water.

Papaya seeds should not be used by pregnant women and feeding women, because it hinders development of children. It also helps in natural birth control. It contains pepen, which protects women from being pregnant. At the same time, it also reduces men's fertility.
Liver cirrhosis is a disease that is caused by excessive consumption of alcohol. In this, the liver shrinks and becomes rigid. You can use papaya seeds to avoid this. Grind 4-5 seeds of papaya dry and grind them. Mix lemon juice together and drink it. Drink it twice a day for 1 month, you will see the difference in yourself.

Even if you have stomach related problems, papaya seeds can help you. Digestive enzymes are found in papaya seeds that make the digestive system better.

Papaya seeds also prevent cancer cells from spreading further. It is found in isothiocyanate which prevents breast, lung and prostate cancer.