Google will now give $ 2 million reward to the bug finder in Android

One day after being affected by 3.65 million Android phones from Malware named 'Judy', Google has increased the reward given to the bug-finder in the Android operating system to $ 2 million.
According to cyber security firm Check Point, dozens of malware apps downloaded from 45 million to 1.85 crore times have been downloaded from the Play Store. Many of these malware apps have been on the Play Store for many years.

According to the report of technology website on Friday, most of the malware and security violations in mobile have been found in the phone with the old operating system build.
The latest versions of Android are safe, the threat is to those operating systems Google had developed years ago. So, Google has not yet been able to find any bugs in Google's new Android and get a reward
However, the company has increased the amount of reward to $ 2 million to make its OS safer and connect more and more researchers and engineers.

Google started the program of rewarding two years ago. No one has ever won this prize.