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How to get Microsoft rewards if you search with Bing

Microsoft however brings day-to-day new features in their search engine Bing to compete it with Google Search. But now the company will pay the user for the search.

Microsoft is asking the users to come to Bing by launching a reward program. It can be said to be the biggest step of the company to fight with Google. But it is also aggressive, because there is a scheme to pay for searching on it. Using the Bing Search Engine, Microsoft will provide rewards as points that can be converted into money.

Users will need to login to Bing from their Microsoft account to receive a reward. Not only this, if users use Microsoft’s web browser Edge then the points will be doubled. That is, Microsoft has given a push to its browser too. Users will be given three points each on a Bing search, but if you search Bing through Microsoft Edge, then this point will be double that means six points.For example, if you have searched 10 things on Bing in the day, then 60 points will be given for it. This will be for level 1 users.
To get promoted from Level 1 to Level 2, we have to collect 500 points in one month. After this you will be level 2 and collect 150 points every day. According to Microsoft, searches made on Bing can be done in both computers and mobile. Search limit will be reset every day i.e., the points can be picked again on the second day.

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Points earned through Bing Search can be exchanged for Microsoft prize. For example, for a one-year Microsoft Groove Music Pass, you will need 1 million 10 thousand points. If Level 2 is the member, then 99 thousand points will also work for it.

At present, the search engine market in the world is at Google’s number-1 with 77.98 percent share. Bing is second with 7.8 percent, while China’s search engine Baidu is at number three

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