Top 20 Pregnancy Care Tips

Being a mother is the biggest happiness of a woman's life. There are many changes in the body of a pregnant woman during pregnancy. The mother who has to be avoided many things, so many other things should be taken care of. So let's know what you should do and what should not be done during pregnancy. What things will affect you?

v You should eat vitamins and iron tablets regularly according to the doctor's advice
v Stay in regular contact with a good female doctor, and manage yourself according to their advice. From what month you have to do things and what not to do. A doctor will tell you these things well.
v There should not be eat too much sweet things during pregnancy.
v Do moderate exercise. Before starting exercise consult a doctor’s advice.
v Listen to slow, sweet and good music. It will keep you relaxed and will refresh your mood.
v Do the work of the house, but do not keep the full burden of work on yourself. Get advice related to the work from doctor. Share house related work among other members of the house.
v Always be happy, stay relaxed because the stress will be harmful for you and your child.
v In which atmosphere you will live during your pregnancy, your child's personality will also be influenced by it. Positive atmosphere will have a positive effect, negative environment will have negative impact.
v The things you read, like and listen during pregnancy. All of them will have an impact on your child's nature.
v The thought that prevails during pregnancy in your mind will also influence the thoughts of your child. So read, see and listen good thoughts.
v You should eat 2 oranges every day from the 5th month of pregnancy; this will increase the chances of the baby getting white.
v Get your thyroid checked regularly.
v You should drink 11-12 glasses of water every day. It is very important for you and your child.
v Consume daily green vegetables, fruits etc. in the food.
v It is normal to have convulsions in your pregnancy, and you should eat bananas to reduce cramps. This will reduce the pain.
v You should sleep 8-9 hours every day.
v Casual shoes and slippers should be worn.
v A pregnant woman should not eat fast-food, fried and spicy things.
v A pregnant woman should not fast.
v Do not take any kind of intoxication.
v You should eat something every 3-4 hours.