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How to create GIF using Face book camera

The company has made a new offer for Facebook users. Facebook has released a new feature which permits its users to make a small GIF with the help of an in-app camera.

Users can personalize many GIFs through frames and filters and can be shared on Facebook. Although these GIFs can only be shared on Facebook, if they are saved on the device, they will be saved in the video format.

Although, Facebook has not yet made public announcement of this feature. This feature is currently available to a few users and when it will be released to all users, it has not been clarified. But, whatever is expected, these features will be very much like customers. However, this feature is only for iOS only. There is no information about how long this feature will come in Android. This feature is not available right now on all iOS devices.

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Apart from this, Facebook has launched a light version of Messenger  called Messenger lite for slow-internet speed for the Indian users.Last year, the company launched it in other countries.

These apps are just like Facebook Lite That is, it is easy to use in low bandwidth. In fact, Facebook is targeting users with this light app that has a cheap Smartphone and has a slow internet connection.

Messenger Lite is just 10MB, while its real app is 151MB. Although Messenger Lite has not been launched for iPhone users, it can only be downloaded in Android.

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