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Top 06 SEO Tips for 2018

Whenever it comes to optimizing any website or blog, there are two things in it:

  1. On-page optimization.
  2. Off-page optimization.

In today’s article, we will talk about On-Page SEO Optimization, and I will share many useful On-Page SEO techniques with you that you must implement to optimize your blog posts.

On-Site refers to the optimization of all the pages of the entire website, which also includes settings for sitemap and permalink structures and so on.

On-page SEO, in this we optimize the content of any single blog post to rank for a particular target keyword. It includes proper headings, proper keyword placement, ensuring quality of content and paying attention to other factors.

Search engines are nothing but just some set of algorithms. They find different factors in your page so that they can rank your articles for some keywords. Now we have to help the search engine to identify what is in your blog post and what your blog post should show for the search engine.

Now whenever Google ranks an article in search engine then only on-page SEO does not see the score. In addition to this, there are many factors that keep rank in mind, such as social media signals (shares, likes, tweets, follow etc.), back links, domain authority and many other off-page metrics.

Our aim of On-Page SEO is to optimize an article on a natural way smartly so that search engines can easily pick out the target keyword and send people targeted to your website.

Before I go ahead, I assume that you know about keyword research and you also know how to find keywords to target. If you do not know, then you must read the posts given below:

One thing I would recommend to you is that you should start adding videos to your blog posts. Videos will not only increase the amount of media on your page, it will make your post even more informative and content-rich.

06 On-Page SEO Tips for Great Ranking in 2017

1 Meta Tags:

Meta Tags There is some tags that provide search engine in short about some valuable information about your article. There is a very Meta tag meta description.
Meta Description the smallest information about your blog post is that which search engine results display under your site’s title and link. It is from two important aspects. The first aspect is keyword. If you use the keyword in this description, you will be able to find a ranking in a particular keyword in the search engine. The second factor is of CTR. The more wonderful your meta description, the more people will click on your link and thereby increase your ranking and traffic.

  1.   Images:

Nowadays people want to look the images instead of reading. Keeping this thing in mind, search engines have also started improving the ranking of sites using media. Therefore, it would be a strict recommendation for you that you want to create a targeted blog for each of your blogs, use images and other media like videos etc. In addition, if you use your targeted keyword in ALT tags of images and their names, you will have a strong benefit.

  1. Word Count Per Post:

One thing is very common that the rank of those posts is very high, the ranking is always excellent. Its biggest example is Wikipedia.

You may have seen that all articles of wikipedia are very long, meaning their count count per post is very high. Therefore their ranking is also often number 1. But this does not mean that you are stuffing your post and writing the content of the scam.

You should therefore write great content from increased driving and as much as you can tell in your posts the better. Use throughout in media content to prevent readers from being bore.

  1. Internal Linking:

Internal Linking is another very important factor. I would also like to give you the best example, Wikipedia. You might have seen that any wikipedia article is there, it has a lot of internal linking. You should also do Internal Linking with related content in your blog posts. Take the example of internal linking in our post. I have given a different place in my post which is related to our posts that are related to our posts. You have to do the same, if you want to get a good ranking.

  1. External Linking:

In the same way as Wikipedia has internal linking, they also make External Linking by creating a separate section of Reference. You should also have external linking in your article at different places where required. Talking about external linking is another important thing, back linking which you can read about in our article below.

  1. Write Engaging content:

You should write something like this that more and more users are able to engage with him for more and more time. An SEO is something in which we only write articles keeping in mind the search engine factors. An SEO is such that we keep the attention of those factors, along with it, keeping engaging content as well as keeping your readers in mind. Always remember one thing that you write content for your readers, not for search engines.

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