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Galaxy Note 8 officially leaked photos and specifications

South Korean Tech giant Samsung will launch its flagship tablet Galaxy Note 8 this year. Like other big Smartphone’s, its details are also coming out whether there are photographs or specifications reportedly leaked to the internet.

Evan Blas, who is excited about leaking his information and photos before the Smartphone launch, has shared his photos. It is claimed that this picture is the official poster for Galaxy Note 8. Dual rear camera setup can be seen in it.

Samsung will launch this flagship tablet on August 23. But after these pictures it is clear what will happen in this phone. There will be lesser bezel big screen, two camera, dead decade BixB button and dual flash in this Smartphone.

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Talking about specification, the specification of the Galaxy Note 8 will be similar to the existing flagship Galaxy S8 of the company. Because it also has the latest hardware. The user interface will be the same as the Note Series which will have more use of the stylish.

In this leak, the fingerprint scanner will be similar to the Galaxy S8 and will be in the same place. It was expected that the company will give a front fingerprint scanner this time, but can be given back in the back. Galaxy S8 has a rear fingerprint scanner, which has caused some people to dislike it.

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According to Sam Mobile’s report, Samsung’s Mobile Division Chief DJ has reported about the Note 8 launch. According to him, the note will be launched at the end of August 8, but its date is still not known.

Design and Display:

In terms of design and display, a 6.3-inch screen can be given, which will be 3840X2160. Its display quad HD will be quite low and screen to body ratio will be of 2: 1. I.e. its screen will look great.

Samsung can bring Dual Camera for the first time with this tablet. Almost all major companies, including Apple and LG have launched a two-camera Smartphone. Therefore it is believed that two rear cameras can be given in it.

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