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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review

Samsung recently launched its flagship tablet Galaxy Note 8 in India with many big claims. During the launch, the company also apologized to the people for the problems being faced with Note 7 last year. It has been claimed that Samsung’s fans with this phone are very happy, especially those who are fans of Note Series. We’ve reviewed this flagship device. Let’s know that after the problems of Note 7, Galaxy Note 8 will be able to get its hold in the market or not?

Design and Build Quality:

Galaxy Note 8 has a body consists of glass and metal; it is completely square and has its edge covered. Its display is also dual edge covered but not much. There are no bezels on both sides of the display. Despite having a bigger screen and bigger phone, there is no problem in holding it and it can be used comfortably.

At the bottom of the phone is the speaker grill, USB type c and headphone jack. S Pen has been given in the corner. Like the above SIM and memory card tray has been given and there is a microphone too. Locked on the right side while the volume rocker on the left. Just below it has given a button for a dedicated Bixby. There is a dual camera setup in the rear with a fingerprint scanner right next to it. There is no home button in front and many sensors have been given in addition to Selfie camera.

Display and User Interface:

Well, there are many features of Galaxy Note 8, but it has a display that if you use it in front of anyone, it will definitely see it once. Its screen is 6.3 inches i.e. much more than iPhone 7 Plus, but if you keep the phone with iPhone 7 Plus, then it does not look much bigger. This is because the aspect ratio of the screen is 18: 5: 9. It has a 3K QHD + display with Super AMOLED, whose resolution is 2960X1440. In terms of modulation, its display is much better than its HD or full HD bright and better.

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In this smartphone, the Galaxy S8 Infinity display has been used that means less bezel and more screen whether to watch the movie, play gaming, watch the videos or see the details of photos, its display will not disappoint you at all. This phone also has a high performance option which can be enabled and activated WQHD +. After this the disks are worth watching. In clear words, its display is beautiful and if you use it, you probably feel the display of any other smartphone faded.


Talking about the performance, this tablet is best for general use, but more than that it is also used for productivity. Through this, you can do many things that are probably not possible for other smartphones. It has been given Exynos 9 Octa Core processor.This processor is equivalent to the latest version of Qualcomm Snapdragon. It has 64GB internal memory with 6GB RAM, which you can increase through micro SD card.

In a week’s use, this smartphone runs on the speed of rocket. Think of it as a phrase. To say that, while run an app or 10 apps at once, this smartphone will neither speed down nor hang. It is easy to go from one app to another, and the loading time is very fast. We have played the biggest and most graphics games in this smartphone, but we have not shown any lag.

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There is currently no better smartphone in the market for multi-tasking. With this phone it is quite easy to use two apps at once or watch videos while chatting together. It has a feature that allows you to open two applications simultaneously and use it together. The experience of multi-tasking has been very good due to the large display and powerful processor. There is no interruption in the phone while using a remote computer or by drawing.


Normally we do not focus much on software while reviewing another smartphone. This is because all the smartphones in the segment are more or less the same. But since this is Galaxy Note 8, Samsung also makes special UIs for it. So we will also talk about its software.

The features of S Pen are amazing; as soon as the S Pen is removed you will get a menu in the corner. It has many options which are all work. Earlier this feature was, but this time S Pen has added many new features. There is a live message feature which we liked very much. By using S Pen you can send a live message and send it just like a jiff. Apart from this there is a feature to make notes on the standby screen which is quite easy, just remove the S Pen and write it on the black screen. If there is a reminder, you can pin it always on Display.

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S Pen:

Writing with S Pen on display now gives a much better experience than before. Because its tip is already slim. If it is raining, then you can use it by removing the S Pen, because the company has made both water and water resistant this time.


Bixby Virtual Assistant has come up to compete with Siri and Google Assistant. This Artificial Intelligence based Bixby works great with Galaxy Note 8. Now the voice command in India has come through an update. Activate it with the given button and can unlock your smartphone by speaking. Apart from this, the Bixby Vision given in the camera is of great work. Click the photo from it and tell you the identity of the person or the pictures related to the subject.

It’s fun if you sync Bixby with Facebook. According to your interest in the user interface of Bixby’s user interface, Facebook’s likes and other features will appear. Although Bixby is lagging behind Google Assistant in many cases.


The rear has two cameras of 12 megapixels. There is a wide angle lens while the second is a telephoto lens. Both the cameras have been given optical image stabilization and both cameras are capable of working together. There is a camera module similar to the iPhone 7 Plus, which also has 2X optical zoom.

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